WATCH: Desus & Mero Warn Visitors to the ‘Joker’ Stairs in The Bronx Not to Get Robbed

The Bronx’s very own Desus and Mero warned viewers on Showtime last night to try and not to get robbed if they visit the now famous “Joker” Stairs in the Highbridge area of our borough.

Visitors are flocking to the steps that has been saved as a religious destination on the internet and being met with much mockery and resistance from local residents, at least online.

Personally, we think that if you’re gonna come into the area, at the very least support some of the local businesses and don’t be a nuisance.

There have been reports of locals being annoyed because all they are simply trying to do is walk down the steps, which is the most direct connection from high above to get to the trains, etc.

Watch the video below:

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