WATCH: ‘The Bronx, USA’ Documentary is Coming to HBO

The Bronx, USA‘ is an HBO documentary on our beloved borough that follows Bronx-born and raised producer George Shapiro as he comes back home and reconnects with The Bronx.

This little trailer that HBO just released seems to be pretty interesting and a bit heart-warming look at our amazing borough which we love.

The Bronx is a complex place with a lot of heart that has produced some of the biggest names in the country and the world exporting leaders from entertainment and the arts, to the highest levels of government and even the sciences.

Shapiro and his “Bronx Boys” chat with students at DeWitt Clinton/Image still from HBO’s ‘The Bronx, USA’

HBO describes, ‘The Bronx, USA’ as:

A love letter to a special part of New York City and its distinctive residents, the documentary also introduces the next generation of Bronxites – the 2017 graduating class of DeWitt Clinton High School, who may come from different backgrounds from Shapiro’s class of 1949, but whose passion, drive and emphasis on the power of friendship connects them with the seniors who came nearly seventy years before them.

The birthplace of doo-wop and salsa, the Bronx birthed hip hop in the 80s and with it, a whole new culture. Home to the world-famous Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Zoo, New York’s northernmost borough has long been both culturally diverse and racially tolerant. Revisiting his old stomping grounds with longtime friend Carl Golub and Jay Schwartz, Shapiro remembers the fun they had as kids. Back then, families lived in the same building, leaving their doors unlocked and everyone knew each other’s business. Mom-and-pop stores lined the streets and it was never hard to find a kid to play with. Years later, Shapiro and his childhood friends, who’ve dubbed themselves the “Bronx Boys,” get together every five years to reminisce and celebrate their long-lasting bond.

We’re looking forward to watching this documentary in its entirety when it premiers on HBO on October 30th at 9:00PM EST!

Watch the trailer below!

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