The Bronx’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections for Cyclists

There is a deadly crisis in NYC as 18 cyclists have been killed so far this year, far surpassing the 10 who died last year.

New York City wants us to be healthier, reduce our carbon footprint and all the good things that come with cycling yet provides little infrastructure to keep us safe.

It gets worse in the outer boroughs like The Bronx which doesn’t have sufficient bike lanes and as a result, the streets can become very deadly.

149th and 3rd Avenue is the 4th most dangerous intersection for cyclists in The Bronx according to data compiled by

The folks at an AI-driven site which delves into city data and makes sense of the massive web of information available, analyzed NYC’s worst intersection in a new report.

They took a step further and identified the top ten most dangerous intersections in The Bronx for cyclists for Welcome2TheBronx.

By far the worst neighborhoods in our borough are Mott Haven and Melrose who both took up 7 of the top 10 most dangerous intersections.

RankIntersectionNeighborhoodTotal Injuries
1 (tied)E 149th St & Morris AveMelrose11
1 (tied)E 161st St & Morris AveMelrose11
3Brook Ave & E 138th StMott Haven7
43rd Ave & 149th StMelrose6
5 (tied)E Burnside Ave & Jerome AveUniversity Heights5
5 (tied)University Ave & W Fordham RdUniversity Heights5
5 (tied)Bruckner Blvd & Hunts Point AveHunts Point5
5 (tied)E 138th St & St Ann’s AveMott Haven5
5 (tied)E 149th St & Grand ConcourseMelrose5
5 (tied)Crotona Ave & East Tremont AveEast Tremont5
5 (tied)E 165th St & Morris AveMelrose5

As you can see, seven intersections tied in for 5th place across the borough each with 5 injuries.

None of these, thankfully, were fatal but the same can’t be said for others across The Bronx and NYC.

This report came in response to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “Green Wave” initiative to address the crisis of 18 cycling fatalities this year by pumping $58 million into redesigning and renovating 50 of the worst intersections as well as “ramping up” NYPD enforcement.

“Experts and the city already know where the dangerous intersections are and what makes them so unsafe. Our job at is to ensure all New Yorkers are informed,” says urban planner Sam Sklar of “If you’re thinking about taking up cycling you should know if the intersections and streets near your home are dangerous. If you’re moving and cycling is important to you, we want you to find a home that will be safe to cycle to and from.”

We already know that NYPD simply tickets cyclists and let motorists get away with murder so we’re hoping that real action actually takes place against these drivers responsible for murder.

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