WATCH: The Bronx’s Albanian Restaurant, Çka Ka Qellu, Featured on TV

Ok so Çka Ka Qellu in Belmont keeps getting media attention and each time we just wanna run over and check it out after seeing the delicious, Albanian food.

This time WABC featured them in a cool clip where the owner,
Ramiz Kukaj, talks about why he decided to open the restaurant as well as some patrons on why they eat there.

Growing up in The Bronx, this Puerto Rican kid had the pleasure of eating authentic, home cooked Albanian dishes at friends’ homes so I’m glad that there are places like Çka Ka Qellu for others to try this amazing cuisine.

Now I just have to get over there and try it out for myself!

Watch the video below:

Çka Ka Qellu is located at 2321 Hughes Avenue in The Bronx’s Little Italy.

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Ed García Conde

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