South Bronx Rising: First Market-Rate Luxury High Rise is Quickly Changing the Skyline

Just a few feet from the South Bronx’s waterfront along the Harlem River in Port Morris, a new skyline is emerging.

What was once dominated by NYCHA’s public housing developments like Mitchell Houses and Millbrook Houses, two new towers at 200 East 135th Street will soon rise taller than any other building in the immediate area.

At least for now.

From Third Avenue and 135th Street one can easily see the development rising.

When Welcome2TheBronx first reported back in late November of last year on the construction of the two new luxury towers just one had broken ground.

Now, the first of two towers is already quickly rising and standing tall at 14 stories, more than halfway to its planned 25 floors.

Looking South on Rider Avenue

At 14 stories it’s already easily visible from the Major Deegan and local streets. Walk down the Grand Concourse just south of 149th Street and you can see it peeking up above.

You can even see it from Manhattan from 5th Avenue on 135th Street in Harlem, blocks away from the waterfront.

Renderings of 198-200 E 135th Street

Once completed, both towers will have over 400 units of new market-rate luxury housing in what is still considered to be America’s poorest congressional district.

198/200 E 135th Street quickly rising along the South Bronx waterfront.

The face of the South Bronx is changing fast. Within 5 years the area will be all but unrecognizable as thousands more units are constructed along the waterfront.

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