The Bronx’s Own Cardi B Breaks Garth Brooks’ All-Time Attendance Record at RodeoHouston

Cardi B just seems to not be able to stop breaking records.

The Bronx icon has already shattered multiple recording records and now she shattered an attendance record at RodeoHouston that Garth Brooks once held the honor of holding.

She is LITERALLY entering spaces that are not necessarily for people of color nor a woman from The Bronx and SHATTERING records.

The Root writes:

According to CBS News, the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show is a 20-day livestock show, rodeo and festival that features concerts, a barbecue contest, carnival, ranching and wildlife expo, and other activities—so it’s safe to say the Bronx native’s performance was a bit of a surprise.

“Most rappers aren’t at the rodeo,” a fan named Talan said.

With 75,580 attendees at the paid performances she broke Brooks’ previous record by only 3 attendees.

Not bad for a regular, schmegular, degular girl from The Bronx.

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I was so sick yesterday ya don’t even know ! I had such a bad migraine I had to get a doctor backstage to give me two shots and ain’t rehearsed cause I been working all week and ain’t really know what I was getting myself into until I got in the venue .Im OD honored for all the love Houston gave me! I remember the first time I came to Houston I came out here to strip and people showed me maaaaaa love and Houston was the first place me and set when on a date 😂😂😂The love have really grown .I was maaaaa hype to see this picture before I got in my dressing room cause out of all her outfits there’s a picture hanging on the wall of the outfit I got my inspiration from for Please Me music video.It was like a lucky sign to me .

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