Some Bodegas Want the Right to Sell Marijuana If It’s Legalized in New York

Many pot smokers go to their corner bodegas or delis to satisfy their munchies and now some bodega owners want to cash in on marijuana sales if its legalization passes in New York State.

The United Bodegas of America, a group that represents a network of bodegas throughout New York City is meeting in The Bronx today to ask that local leaders give them the right to distribute legalized marijuana at bodegas across the city.

In a statement issued by the UBA said, “There is no question that responsible, safe haven bodegas should get first cracks at providing people that choose to smoke marijuana with a local place to buy it. We are licensed and qualify to sell beer. Why not include us in the marijuana package?”

Personally we think this isn’t a bad idea…folks already satisfy their munchies at bodegas might as well make them one stop shop.

What do you think?

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