WATCH: JLo Surprises Fans at Bronx Screening of ‘Second Act’

Jennifer Lopez aka JLo aka Jenny From The Block surprised fans last week at Bay Plaza Cinemas in Co-op City during a screening for her new movie, ‘Second Act’.

She claimed that this was the movie theater she’d go to while she was growing up in our borough.

ET reports:

“We are going to do a surprise everybody! We’re in the Bronx, this is where I used to go to the movies!” J. Lo announced, giddily revealing that her hometown return even influenced the showstopping boots she wore that day. “We are coming to the Bronx, we could not disappoint.” 

“I think people know that I kind of take that Bronx flag with me wherever I go, that Jenny from the block, that’s just who I am,” she continued. “So whenever I get to come back here and bring what I do and show it and share it, it just has a little bit of a nostalgic, cozy, fuzzy feeling for me.”

You can catch one of the versions below and another in a link after the clip.

Check out the better video here (sorry we can’t embed because ET doesn’t allow it!)

On a different note, we’re glad that JLo is finally showing a little bit more love to the borough she claims to have made her who she is.

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