Soundview Ferry Already Causing Parking Nightmares for Residents

When we took the inaugural ferry ride out of Soundview last month, the first thing we noticed was the lack of parking in the area.

Now residents are complaining that they’re having a rough time finding parking.

The problem stems from the fact that the ferry was designed for people who live in the immediate area in Clason Point and Soundview with the assumption that people would walk or take the BX 27 Bus which was extended earlier this year to drop off commuters at the landing.

But the city should have invested in creating a parking lot for those commuters who would be driving in rather than biking or taking the bus.

Let’s face it: With the subway system in less than desirable conditions and poor transit options in the East Bronx, this was bound to happen due to demand.

Right now the New York City Ecominic Development Corporation will be investing in bike racks and while that thought is noble and does address the needs of one segment of the commuting population, it neglects those with cars.

On the second day of ferry service last month, Welcome2TheBronx received complaints that people had to drive back home after unsuccessfully circling for parking.

Those that do find it take away the few spaces available for local area residents.

“It’s not the ferry, its the heavy construction happening around there that have eliminated many parking spaces.” said one individual on News 12 The Bronx’s Facebook page.

Another commenter by the name of HR Ortiz added, “The Ferry has nothing to do with the parking problems in Clason Point. The parking situation has been terrible for a very long time before the Ferry arrived.”

Ortiz went on to say that, “It might of added a little more problems to the parking situation but that’s all it did. The parking spaces are actually being rotated a lot more than before. The residents in the neighborhood are a little upset that they can’t hog up the spaces.”

Whatever the situation is, the solutions offered aren’t what the people want.

Watch the story over at News12BX.

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