Living in the Bronx Through the Eyes of its Seniors

In our borough, 1 out of every 8 Bronxite is a senior and a new in CityLimits by the Cuny Street News Team takes a look into the lives of these residents.

These stories come from every corner of our borough from all walks of life like that of Luca Monferato of Kingsbridge.

The feature reports:

Outside the nearby University Avenue Assisted Living apartments, Enid Spruell, 80, was enjoying an afternoon cigarette, talking about how she and her late husband ran two Manhattan restaurants – and about her mother.

“When he died I found myself a little more lonely,” she said, “but when my mother died last year – she was 104 – I lost my best friend. I used to talk to her every day.”

Spruell said her two sons are usually too busy to visit, and her grandson has stopped coming to see her. “Now it’s just me and the good Lord here,” she said. “I still talk to my mother every day. Just today, I told her ‘Why’d you leave me, Mama?’”

Take the time to read the entire feature over at CityLimits: Work, Drama, Love and Struggle: A Day in the Life of the Aging Bronx

Header image by Aaron Mayorga/CityLimits

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Ed García Conde

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