City Launches $1.5 Million Study of Dangerous and Flood-Prone Shore Road

After almost 3 years of pressure from the community and the Breen Brothers thorough documentation of the treacherous conditions on Shore Road, the city has finally begun preliminary work in correcting the situation.

Beginning today, a $1.5 million topographical and traffic study has begun which will help determine a plan to stop the flooding as well as a cost for said project.

Welcome2TheBronx has been on top of this situation since James and Tommy Breen brought it to our attention back in February 2016. Since then we’ve helped get the necessary media attention on the subject and putting pressure on local officials.

And that’s not counting the years which City Island residents have been complaining to local elected officials and 311.

Shore Road Dangers 2018 from James Breen on Vimeo.

Just north or the entrance to Bartow Pell Mansion, there is an area that is constantly flooding and during the winter months gets even more hazardous as it freezes over causing cars to veer suddenly to oncoming traffic as drivers struggle to avoid the frozen patch.

Although it’s not considered a major road by the city the fact remains that thousands of commuters use it to travel between The Bronx and Westchester County.

“This study taking place is great news for everyone that travels on Shore Road. I‘m happy that the City is moving in the right direction towards a much needed capital project.” said Tommy Breen.

The study will also determine the length of the project as well wrap up by November 2019. No set date for start of construction or complete but it’s a start.

In the meantime, hopefully no one will get hurt.

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