Alleged Montefiore White Supremacist Doctor Taken Off Duty

Earlier this week an article was published on Medium, which has since been removed, by an anonymous writer exposing a Bronx doctor at Montefiore Medical Center for his alleged white supremacist views.

Now Gothamist has confirmed that Dov Bechhofer has been taken off duty pending an investigation into the allegations.

Medium took down the article for violation of its policy against “doxxing” which is the practice of revealing private information such as addresses and telephone numbers.

Bechhofer has alluded to being willing to resort to violence according to Gothamist to achieve a white ethnostate.

Gothamist reports:

 ““[A]ll the signs point to extra-democratic solutions now being the only way for the various ethnicities of the White race to save themselves,” he wrote at one point. “The great question is how to overcome the differential of firepower between government and citizen.”

Additionally, he used his public account to call for the mass expulsion of Muslims from Europe, writing “the West has no use for them, and they’ll be just fine when they go home,” in a Facebook group called “God Emperor Trump (Official).” Such comments, the Medium doxxer notes, make clear that Bechhofer “is a danger not only to his community but particularly to his patients.”

The Forward, a newspaper focusing on American Jewish life writes:

The evidence linking Dov Bechhofer to “Dov” the Counter-Currents commenter is circumstantial but powerful. Both Dov and “Dov” are Jewish doctors who have praised white supremacist figures like Jared Taylor, grew up in Chicagoland before moving to New York, write using similar idiosyncrasies and even profess to liking the same entertainment, including the obscure Norwegian movie “The Last King.”

“Dov” frequently expressed disgust with racial intermarriage. “To me,” he wrote, “the greatest threat Asians in general pose to Whites is that of miscegenation. Being in the medical field, even I (a White Nationalist aware of the White race’s maladies for 6+ years) am constantly taken aback at the prevalence of White-Asian miscegenation among the highly-educated.”

He also repeatedly expressed support for white ethnostates, which he said he hoped to see “ASAP.” He even praised the idea of “soft expulsion” of African-Americans and Latinos in one comment, arguing that while there could be “unforeseen negative consequences” to such a plan, “the immediacy of the salvaging of White nations overrides abstract concerns, so I’d say the fight would be worthwhile.”

“Whites are being subjected to a concerted attack by ‘people of color’ and must band together as Whites to avoid their own destruction,” he wrote in a comment in February using his since-scrubbed YouTube account.

He even seemed to endorse armed revolution as a means of realizing his white ethnostate dream. “Continued engagement in the political structure is necessary, but all the signs point to extra-democratic solutions now being the only way for the various ethnicities of the White race to save themselves,” he wrote in May 2017. “The great question is how to overcome the differential of firepower between government and citizen.”

Meanwhile over at Newsweek they write:

Among the comments attributed to Bechhofer was: “Do I despise Blacks like [Colin] Kaepernick for milking the White cow despite the fact that he, his race, and all others are already in such objective debt to Whites? Absolutely.”

Another read: “The West has no use for [Muslims], and they’ll be just fine when they go home.”

He also allegedly called for armed militias on the southern border “with orders to shoot illegals.”

In a statement issued by Montefiore they said, “The views expressed in the article are in no way reflective of Montefiore, our mission, how we conduct ourselves, or the care we deliver each day.” The hospital further added, “Montefiore was founded on our commitment to healthcare as a basic human right, and we deliver the highest level of care to everyone who comes through our doors, regardless of social or economic status, ethnicity, race or religion. Having all backgrounds, beliefs and diversity embodied in our patients, employees and neighbors is intrinsic to who we are, and allows us to thrive as an institution.”

If all this turns out to be true, and it does seem to be based on what we’re seeing, Bechhofer has NO place in The Bronx and is a threat to Bronxites. Our greatest strength is in the diversity of our people.

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