An Insider’s Guide to Living on the Grand Concourse

Our friends over at Brick Underground have put together a look at living on The Bronx’s Grand Concourse from the perspective of residents both lifetime and more recent transplants and co-op owners and renters.

Featured are two people we know, Samuel M. Goodman and Ariela Heilman as well as a few other locals who give insight into the food scene, crime, parks, and other issues surrounding daily existence on our Grand Boulevard.

We really appreciate that Sam points out that although there’s a Starbucks, you can still get coffee for under a dollar in many places (seriously, who needs Starbucks?).

While some talk about the great apartments and value you get if you’re looking to move here, one resident simply said, “…if you’re thinking of moving here, run the other way!”

Personally, we don’t share that sentiment (unless you’re a gentrifier then please do run the other way).

What would you tell people about the Grand Concourse and living here?

Some of our favorite things about the area is that in many ways it’s a living, breathing museum of art deco architecture featuring the largest collection of such buildings in the world.

Perhaps what we hate the most is how the Yankees dominate the area and pretty much put it on lockdown when there’s a game as if we didn’t live here. Parking? Forget about it.

Can you imagine if we actually get a soccer stadium?

Check out the full story at Brick Underground.

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Ed García Conde

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