The Mets’ FIRST Female Announcer & MLB’s First Latina is a Puerto Rican Woman From The Bronx

Marysol Castro recently made history by becoming the Mets’ first female announcer as well as Major League Baseball’s Latina announcer.
And of course she’s from The Bronx.
OK so she might work for that other team and not our hometown heroes aka the Yankees but hey, she’s making history and isn’t taking her role lightly.
NBC reports:
The new PA announcer is proud of her job and of being a Latina role model.
“In almost every job I’ve had, I’ve been the only Latino,” said Castro. “We have to reflect the eyeballs that watch us.”Both of Castro’s parents were born and raised in Puerto Rico. Her father, who passed away when she was 10, was a U.S. Navy veteran, a NYC bus driver and was active in the Young Lords, a groundbreaking civil rights group, as well as other community organizations.
Landing her new position “means everything,” said Castro, because she gets to “be a bridge builder for other Latinos” at a time when Hispanic-viewing baseball audiences are at an all-time high in the U.S.
“Castro, who grew up speaking primarily English, went to the Mets Clubhouse on one of her first days on the job and asked each player how they wanted her to pronounce their names. This meant a lot to many of the players, including the 11 Latinos in the 40-member team.
“They looked at me with a smile, which seemed to say, ‘Wow, no one has asked me that before,’” recalled Castro. “That, to me, means a lot…Everyone is entitled to have their name pronounced correctly. It’s a human thing.”
Congratulations Marysol, you make us all proud!

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