New Analysis Shows The Bronx Leads NYC In Housing Code Violations Accounting for 33% of Cases, a new AI-driven site which delves into city data and makes sense of the massive web of information available, has found that The Bronx leads NYC in housing code violations with 33% of cases in our borough.

Furthermore, the new analysis reveals that low-income neighborhoods where the median yearly income is below $30K a year have 8x more housing violations than higher income neighborhoods where the median yearly income is over $80k.

The analysis reports:

Darlene Wallace’s 25-unit walk-up at 1090 University Ave., in the Highbridge section of the Bronx, has heat and hot water problems, roach infestations and moldy bathrooms. It is also overrun by mice. One frigid February morning last year, Wallace’s 12-year-old daughter was bitten by a mouse that had burrowed in her coat sleeve. found that renters in the city’s lowest-income neighborhoods like Highbridge are exposed to dramatically higher rates of dangerous housing conditions jeopardizing their health and quality of life.

Sadly, for many Bronxites, this new report isn’t a surprise.

Just last week a building in The Bronx was noted as having the most rat complaints in the city not to mention The Bronx also being home to more buildings with violations and the city’s worst landlords than any other borough.

It should be noted that this data does NOT include NYCHA violations as these not counted in the city’s 311 database so we can only imagine that The Bronx’s share would rise much higher.

As you can see from the map below, most Bronx neighborhoods registered above average violations.

The larger the circle the more violations and the deeper red the lower the income in that area.

South Bronx and West Bronx neighborhoods had the highest concentration of violations which again isn’t a surprise to anyone living here.

As for, we took it for a spin and the wealth of information it provides is pretty spot on. is a website that uses artificial intelligence to provide buyers and renters with critical details for every home. This report builds upon’s machine-learning technology, which exposes housing violations at every building in New York City.

We inputted a few random addresses around The Bronx and found that the information they came up with was pretty concise and accurate reflection of what is going on in those neighborhoods we tested.

Make sure you take a look for yourself and we look forward to providing you with more relevant news in the future.

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