So What’s The Most Common Language Spoken in Your Bronx Neighborhood?

It’s no surprise that Spanish is the most commonly spoken language in The Bronx followed by English but the third most common languages spoken in your neighborhoods might not be so obvious.

Bengali, Italian, French, Russian, Albanian, and African languages from the Kru family are just some of the ones you might be hearing while traveling through The Bronx.

Business Insider put together a cool piece taking a look at New York City as a whole but we took the time to break it down for The Bx for ya.

Third most commonly spoken languages in The Bronx and Manhattan/Via Business Insider

Traveling through Riverdale? Besides English and Spanish you might be hearing folks speaking in Russian.

Morris Park and Pelham Parkway area? You might want to learn how to say “Pershendetje si jeni?” as Albanian is the third most commonly spoken language in that neighborhood.

Over in Community Board 10 you’d be surprised that it’s actually “ciao” that you should be saying…You thought Belmont being home to NYC’s real Little Italy is where Italian would be more common or even Morris Park but no.

That distinction goes to Throggs Neck, Country Club, City Island all the neighborhoods that make up CB 10.

Parkchester and its surrounding areas is where you will hear Bengali and that’s no surprise for most of us nor is the fact that Bengali is also strong in the Northwest Bronx in Bedford Park and Norwood.

As for Melrose, Mott Haven, Port Morris, and Hunts Point? Instead of “what’s up” or “que tal?” you might hear “quoi de neuf” as French is the third most spoken language in these neighborhoods.

In other parts of our borough you’ll hear various languages belonging to the Kru family of languages from the African countries of Ivory Coast, Liberia, and Burkina Faso.

Our diversity is one of the things that makes The Bronx such a wonderful place to live. It is a borough where we live side by side so many different cultures, often peacefully.

Don’t ever let that change or anyone destroy that!

Ciao for now!

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