Bronx Born Actor to Star Alongside Whoopi Goldberg & LaLa Anthony in Supporting Role

The Bronx keeps churning out talented people!

Jermaine Wells, a Bronx born and bred actor, has struck gold in getting a supporting role alongside Oscar-winning Whoopi Goldberg (actually she’s one of only twelve people who’ve gotten the coveted EGOT-Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, AND Tony award something that Bronx-raised Rita Moreno has also received).

According to Variety “Furlough” centers on a woman (Thompson) who lives with and cares for her aging mother (Goldberg), while working part-time at a jail. At work, she is given a chance to show off her abilities when she is assigned to accompany an unruly prisoner (Leo) on an emergency furlough to visit her dying mother. The trip does not go as planned.”

The movie also stars actress and reality tv star LaLa Anthony who Wells gets to play her husband (and Whoopi’s son-in-law).

Furlough will have a limited release at select theaters on March 16.

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Ed García Conde

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