Patacón, Pastelón, & Flautas in Mount Hope

Image via New York Daily News/Anthony DelMundo

In today’s New York Daily News feature of Subway Fare we head over to the 174th-175th Street stop on the B train to Mount Hope.

Featured here are several restaurants in the area dominated by the Grand Concourse which are described as must eats and serve a wide range of dishes and cuisines due to the fact that there aren’t many to begin with.

From a pizza shop that sells more Mexican dishes as well as Italian food than it does pizza to Dominican restaurants serving dishes other than, well Dominican food, it seems these shops in Mount Hope are doing the most (in a good way) to serve their communities.

Featured are:

Tigres Pizza which opened 35 years ago on E 174th Street and serves everything but pizza. Well they serve pizza but their Mexican and Italian dishes are more popular it seems.

Aurora Fish Grill, a relative new-comer with just 3 years on the scene where you can get tropical juices, ensalada de pulp (octopus salad), ensalada de aguacate (avocado salad), Venezuelan cachapas or patacón the latter of which is a sandwich with tostones for bread.

Pollo Sabroso Lechonera Dominicana is where you can get the traditional Puerto Rican pastelón which is our version of lasagna except instead of pasta we use…tostones (can you tell we love all things fried even if we’re on a #not62 campaign to always eat as healthy as possible?).

Ugh and there you have it, more reasons to enjoy our neighborhoods. Some people would describe these joints as hole in the walls but hey, they keep folks employed and are small businesses which are the lifeblood of our borough.

And we know that these types of places across NYC tend to offer some of the best eats even if it isn’t fancy schmancy.

BTW, what are YOUR favorite places to eat around the 174-175th Street Station on the B line?

Read the full article over at The New York Daily News.

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