Last week, a factually incorrect and misleading op-ed piece was posted in CityLimits titled “Revitalization, Not Gentrification, is What’s Coming to Mott Haven” where the author states that there is a campaign of fear mongering and misinformation when it comes to the topic of gentrification of the area.

The only campaign of misinformation or fear mongering was that piece written with no factual data or information so I wrote my own op-ed response to it.

Gentrifiers and those in support of it will justify it and try to rebrand it by any means, including calling it “self-gentrification” but it’s simply lipstick on a pig.

The original article: “Revitalization, Not Gentrification, is What’s Coming to Mott Haven”

Our reply: “Residents, Not Investors, Revitalized Mott Haven. Displacement, Not Progress, is What They Fear”

Thanks to CityLimits for allowing us to address the gross misinformation stated in the original op-ed.

Do let us know what you think.

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