Building a Vibrant Literary Community in The Bronx

The title of this post and the original article leads one to believe that there wasn’t a vibrant literary community here in The Bronx.

But that’s not the case.

Our borough has a long history in all forms of the arts including a literary one so there’s no building but rather a continuation of an existing and rich literary and cultural legacy.

Jennifer Baker at ElectricLit writes about five people and organizations that are supporting readers and writers alike.

From Charlie Vázquez, Deputy Director of the Bronx Council on the Arts to Ron Kavanaugh, Founder/Executive Director of the Literary Freedom Project, the article provides an insight into the realm of the literary arts in The Bronx.

When asked what’s the first thing that comes to mind about The Bronx, Vázquez says:

How rich our culture is! The Bronx is the birthplace of hip-hop as well as home to many arts and culture institutions such as our Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos Community College, the Bronx Museum of the Arts, BronxArtSpace, the Andrew Freedman Home, Bronx Music Heritage Center, Poe Park Visitor Center (adjacent to the legendary writer’s final residence), BAAD! (Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance), and Pregones Theater — are just a few. The Bronx’s creative legacy has been informed and deepened by the diverse groups of immigrants who’ve settled here as well as through the efforts of cultural leaders serving some of the nation’s poorest districts. The Bronx is a people-of-color/immigrant-majority county.

And indeed it’s that diversity that makes the people of the Bronx our greatest resource.

Make sure you read the full interviews at ElectricLit.

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