Bronx Tsunami Warning for Throggs Neck and Coastal Areas Was Only a Test

Bronx Tsunami Warning

Residents of Throggs Neck and coastal areas of The Bronx were shocked and sent into a panic at 8:30AM this morning when AccuWeather issued a Bronx Tsunami Warning for those areas and was sent to users of its app.

The alert stated that the tsunami warning would be in effect until 9:28AM.

But it was only a test which the warning neglected to states. The correction only came minutes after people scrambled to social media and Twitter in disbelief.

Bronx Tsunami Warning
A Bronx Tsunami Warning for Throggs Neck and other coastal areas across The Bronx and NYC was issued earlier this morning before notifying residents that it was only a test/Image courtesy of Valerie Santos of The Bronx

Another person on Twitter asked if the same guy from Hawaii was hired.

Residents of that state received an alert of an incoming ballistic missle last month.

Clearly someone will be fired for this, I mean whatever happened to the warning, “THIS IS A TEST, THIS IS ONLY A TEST”? before these alerts?

Did you get one? What were your thoughts?

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