$60 Million Animal Care Center of NYC FINALLY Coming to The Bronx

After decades of Bronx animal lovers pleading with New York City officials, we’re getting a real deal animal shelter in The Bronx.

The new center, which is slated to open in 2024, will be a large 47,000 square foot facility on Bartow Avenue in the Baychester/Co-op City area of The Bronx and will provide adoption and veterinary services as well as shelter.

According to amNY, the Bronx shelter will accommodate 70 dogs, 140 cats, 30 rabbits, and space for 20 animals of other species.

Rendering of the interior of the Animal Care Center coming to The Bronx/credit Mott MacDonald

An ACC employee told Welcome2TheBronx that the agency operates as a no-kill shelter unless it’s for medical or behavioral reasons (not sure what constitutes behavioral reasons nor do I necessarily agree an animal should be destroyed based on that criteria).

At any rate, this is a step in the right direction in making sure that all five boroughs of New York City have the same services with no need to go out of our way to travel to Manhattan or other boroughs that the city should be providing for all.

It’s about time we get a real animal shelter in The Bronx.


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Ed García Conde

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