Bronx Born & Raised Cardi B Makes History As First Woman to Have 5 Singles in Top Ten R&B Chart

And our Bronx and Dominicana superstar Cardi B makes history yet again, this time knocking off Beyonce in becoming the FIRST woman with FIVE singles in Billboard’s top ten R&B chart.

This comes just two months after she made history with 3 in the top ten charts back in November.

According to Newsweek, she is only the third artist to achieve this status and the first woman to do so in the 60 year history of the R&B charts.

Newsweek writes:

“In the R&B chart’s 60-year history, Cardi is the first woman, and only the third artist, to have five singles appear within the top 10 in a single week. With “Finesse,” she is now tied with Compton-born rapper Kendrick Lamar for most tracks on the same chart. In 2017, he had five singles within the R&B chart’s top 10. Canadian rapper Drake currently holds the record, with eight tracks charting at once, in 2016.”

Not bad for a Bronx girl!

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Ed García Conde

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