First Luxury Building Revealed in Port Morris Near The Bronx’s Randall’s Island Connector

Rendering Via Newman Design


YIMBY has revealed renderings for an alleged luxury building coming to Port Morris just 2 blocks from the Randall’s Island Connector but there’s only one catch: The lot isn’t zoned for residential and was left out of the 2004 rezoning of the area.

The proposed site is actually comprised of 3 separate lots with the main address of 767 E 133rd Street at the corner of Willow Avenue just around the corner of Port Morris Distillery and a block from the Randall’s Island Connector. For whatever reason, with the exception of one lot, they were carved out of the rezoning back in 2004.

According to YIMBY, the building will be 115,600 square foot building with 126 units (19 studios, 66 one-bedrooms, 22 two-bedrooms, and 19 three-bedroom units) with an address of 111 Willow Avenue (much cuter than 767 E 133rd Street). The building will also feature ground floor residential.

Further research by Welcome2TheBronx reveals that the properties are owned by Bronx-based developers, the Altmark Group but their website doesn’t list any plans for the site and in fact has a listing for leasing of all four floors.

A search of New York City Department of Building records do not show any filings for demolition of the properties or work filed for new construction leaving us to question whether or not this is a pipe dream or is actually happening because YIMBY states that the development is estimated to be completed by 2020, however, with no plans filed nor applications for rezoning the property, 2020 is an impossible target date

Furthermore, any rezonings will be subject to MIH, or Mandatory Inclusionary Housing which guarantees a portion of any residential units created on lots that are rezoned to be permanently affordable.

We’re waiting to hear back from the Altmark Group for further clarification and will update this page accordingly so feel free to bookmark.

Rendering Via Newman Design

Of course, there are those who continue to deny that gentrification is occurring in the area. Tell that to the folks who currently rent apartments in the houses along 133rd Street.


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