Citi Bike To Hold ‘Pop-Up’ Events in The Bronx This Month Giving Residents Free Test Rides

Fordham BID / Image via Paul Goebel on Twitter

“We have heard Bronx and Staten Island residents loud and clear―they want Citi Bike in their neighborhoods,” said Jay Walder, President & CEO of Motivate, Citi Bike’s operator in a press release issued today.

Throughout August and September, Citi Bike will come to The Bronx as a ‘pop-up’ event so residents can get FREE day passes, test ride the bikes, and see demonstrations as well as learn more about the popular bike sharing program.

Walder added, “We look forward to introducing ourselves in these boroughs over the course of the next several weeks and bringing some of the fun of Citi Bike while we also educate residents about how Citi Bike works and the benefits of bike share.”

Welcome2TheBronx has been a strong advocate of this program expanding into our borough as an alternative for low-income residents to MTA subways (which is crumbling before our very eyes during the “Summer of Hell”).

With tens of thousands of residents living in public housing at NYCHA, the $5 dollar a month membership for those residents is cheaper than a roundtrip on the subway, I mean for an entire MONTH residents can get around on a bike to their errands and destinations for just 5 bucks.

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Not to mention the fact that we can help combat the obesity epidemic in our borough with more access to such infrastructure.

Schedule of events for The Bronx are as follows:


  • Citi Bike demonstration and test rides at Boogie on the Boulevard, Grand Concourse from 162nd to 170th Street, August 20 & September 10, 12:00pm-4:00pm
  • Citi Bike Ride with Bronxworks departing from Second Saturdays at St. Mary’s Park, September 9, 11:00am-2:00pm
  • Citi Bike demonstration and test rides at Bronx Summer Fest, Walton Ave between 167th and 168th St, September 22nd, 2:00pm-6:00pm

Hope to see you at one of these events and make sure to bring your family and friends along! Bronxites deserve access to the same resources and amenities as the rest of the city!

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