Best & Worst Subway Lines in The Bronx Are…

Straphangers Campaign has issued their annual report on the state of New York City’s subway system based on six indicators: scheduled service, service regularity, breakdown rate, crowding, cleanliness, and announcements.

So guess where the Bronx lines fall in the spectrum of the MTA’s 20 subway lines?

Let’s start with the obvious worst of the bunch. (which is pretty much all except one)

The 5 line won the title of WORST subway line of the year (tied with the A train actually for rather crappy overall experience) and according to the Straphangers Campaign, a trip on the 5 line is only worth $1.50 rather than the full fare of $2.75.

Anyone who takes the 4 knows just what a horrible experience that is with severe overcrowding which often translates into delays and headaches for commuters. Due to the messiness of the entire situation that is the 4 line, it placed 18th out of 20 with an overall value of $1.55 out of the full fare of $2.75.

Topping off the worst list are the 2, B, and D lines which all tied for 14th out of 20 with a metro card fare rating of $1.65 per ride

A little better and pretty much in the middle was the JLo’s 6 train with a metro card rating of $1.75 at 11th place.

So that leaves the 1 train and here’s the good news: It’s the best line for 2016 (tied with the L and 7 lines) but even at landing as the best line, as per Straphangers Campaign criteria, it is only worth $2.05 per ride.

Surprised? Not Surprised?

Check out the rest of the report especially if you transfer to other non-Bronx lines.

Now if only we could get a subway system designed to benefit The BRONX!

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