Creating A Gun-Free Zone To Combat Violence in the South Bronx

A mother mourns the loss of her son murdered last week on 153rd and Courtlandt Avenue in Melrose.

Please join community residents and leaders at The Bronx Documentary Center today, Monday through July 25th at 6:30PM to be a part of a coalition to face gun violence in our neighborhoods by creating a gun-free zone in the South Bronx. 

What this will entail and look like is up to YOU, our local neighbors and residents so PLEASE spread the word and bring a friend. 

Another person was shot and killed in the 40th Precinct on 153rd and Courtlandt Avenue and our Precinct has now exceeded the murder count from last year. 

We cannot just sit back and watch people continuously being murdered. 

Tell a friend! Bring a friend! 

The Bronx Documentary Center is located at 614 Courtlandt Avenue at 151st Street. 

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