New Drama Series ‘Feed the Beast’, Starring David Schwimmer, Is Set in The Bronx

AMC's 'Feed The Beast' still
AMC’s ‘Feed The Beast’ still

AMC’s upcoming series, ‘Feed the Beast‘, starring ‘Friends’ star David Schwimmer is about a widower (and a single father) who’s dream is to open up a restaurant in The Bronx.

International Business Times writes:

“For millions of TV fans, no matter hard he tries, David Schwimmer will always be Ross Geller from “Friends” — just check the comments section under any Schwimmer-featured YouTube video.

Schwimmer has tried very hard to shake that typecasting. With the exception of a few cameos, he steered clear of television for years after the hit Must-See TV sitcom “Friends” went off the air in 2004 — In a 2009 “Entourage” episode he played a caricature version of himself turning down other sitcoms in pursuit of something “fresh” — instead opting for infrequent film roles.

Schwimmer returned to TV in earnest this year, but his recent success has seen him showing a more serious side. The upcoming AMC series “Feed the Beast,” where Schwimmer plays a grieving sommelier trying to start a restaurant in the Bronx, is his latest attempt at true drama, following an acclaimed turn as lawyer Robert Kardashian in FX’s “The People v. O.J. Simpson” earlier this year. The new role could help Schwimmer further reestablish his career outside of the “Friends” shadow in a way he has struggled to do in comparison with some of his “Friends” co-stars.”

This isn’t the only series that takes place in The Bronx as Netflix is getting ready to launch Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Get Down‘ this summer which takes place in our borough in the 70s and chronicles the birth of hip hop.

Check out the trailers for ‘Feed the Beast which starts on AMC this coming June 5th:

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