Median 1 Bedroom Rents By Subway Stop In The Bronx, Riverdale Now Cheaper Than The South Bronx

Via RentHop

Who would have thought that Riverdale would be cheaper than the South Bronx?

Curbed posted an interesting map by RentHop that shows the median rental listing for 1 bedrooms near each stop on the subway.

The highest listings for one bedroom rentals all averaged at roughly $1,600 and, not surprisingly, all located in the South Bronx neighborhoods of Mott Haven, Melrose, Port Morris, and the Grand Concourse below 167th.

The farther North and away from the Manhattan core, the lower the rents in general and the difference between the North and South Bronx are pretty big by as much as $400 less in the suburban northern reaches of our borough.

Now we must tell you that these rents are just the asking listing price and not actual rents so it would be interesting to see the difference.

But what’s interesting and also troubling is that landlords have the confidence in the market and interest in the South Bronx to justify asking for these rents.

At any rate, anyone who thinks gentrification isn’t occurring and that there isn’t a pattern of being close to Manhattan, well, you need to rethink again.


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