Bronx School Cancels Ted Cruz’s Visit After Students Threaten to Walk Out

Ted Cruz learned a hard lesson today in The Bronx
Ted Cruz learned a hard lesson today in The Bronx

Ted Cruz thought he could just simply waltz into The Bronx without a peep from folks—but he was sorely mistaken.

Earlier today we told you how Rebel Diaz and other Bronxites protested the meeting at Sabrosura 2 with State Senator Ruben Diaz (you know, the one with the cowboy hat who happens to be a reverend and doesn’t know the meaning of separation of church and state).

Cruz originally had planned to visit Bronx Lighthouse College Preparatory Academy in Longwood, however, school’s CEO, Khori Whittaker, canceled the Republican candidate for the presidency’s trip due to students expressing their concerns and frustrations that he would be allowed on school grounds.

Students Malaika Mataba and Shula Shelby wrote the following letter which school officials simply couldn’t ignore:

Hello Ms. Duggins,

A group of students will be leaving during 4th period, as act of civil disobedience in regards to the arrival of Ted Cruz to BLCPA. We have all considered the consequences of our actions and are willing to accept them. We respect you and all the staff at BLCPA as well as the expected guests. But we want you to understand that as passionate students, we have ideas and principles that should be heard and respected. This walk out isn’t a reflection of our discontent with BLCPA but our opportunity to stand up for our community and future. This walk out is taking place because we as students all share a common idea.

The presence of Ted Cruz and the ideas he stands for are offensive. His views are against ours and are actively working to harm us, our community, and the people we love. He is misogynistic, homophobic, and racist. He has used vulgar language, gestures, and profanity directed at a scholar and staff members, along with harassing and posing threats to staff and scholars according to the Disciplinary Referral slip. This is not to be taken kiddingly or as a joke. We are students who feel the need and right to not be passive to such disrespect.

Regardless of your political affiliations, these students should be commended for standing up for what they believe in and ready to carry out an act of civil disobedience in the face of persecution. Our nation was founded by many acts of civil disobedience so we cannot be hypocritical in selecting which acts we think are worthy of praise.

Kudos to the students of BLCPA for standing up for what you believe in. This is what democracy looks like.

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