Breaking News: The Bronx is Berning—Bernie Sanders is Coming To The Bronx


This Thursday in St Mary’s Park in the heart of The South Bronx, Bernie Sanders is bringing his political revolution to our borough for a rally.

This is the FIRST time that a presidential candidate comes to The Bronx since the late Robert F Kennedy.

Welcome2TheBronx couldn’t be more excited as we are officially endorsing Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination for the presidency.

For decades, Bernie has been a true leader taking stands that were unpopular before they were accepted by the mainstream.

His campaign is one that brings hope for many in our borough and across the nation.

The Bronx has always been a bastion for immigrant populations and he is the one true candidate that has worked hard for these groups that enrich our daily lives. We’ll go more into detail why we’re endorsing him in a later post, however.

This Thursday’s rally will feature Residente the former vocalist of Puerto Rico’s activist music sensation that is ‘Calle 13’.

It will be a momentous occasion as the presidential battleground comes to our borough.

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