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Worst landlords and buildings in The Bronx/Screen shot from Public Advocate's Office
Worst landlords and buildings in The Bronx/Screen shot from Public Advocate’s Office

This morning’s top stories (we didn’t forget about you yesterday, there just wasn’t enough newsworthy items for a list!) are the abrupt resignation by the scandal plagued Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo, more great restaurants along the 2 (and 5) train, and the worst slumlords in The Bronx as Public Advocate Letitia James took a tour of one of the worst buildings. (See the full list in the link)

Scandal Plagued Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo To Step Down

This one caught some folks by surprise and others think it’s a set up to install yet another puppet of The Bronx Democratic Machine.

Either way, democracy is at stake and we must insist on a candidate that will truly be the people’s choice and not one shoved down our throats. Read more on our previous post.

Score Dominican shrimp off the Prospect Ave. 2 train stop

The Daily News continues a series on what to eat along the 2 subway line in The Bronx (although for this leg of their journey they need to rename it ‘Eating along the 2 and 5 line).

This installment brings you the epicurean delights of the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, as well as a preview of an upcoming restaurant. Check out the mouth watering details over at The Daily News

Public advocate releases list of worst landlords

The Bronx is not a stranger to slumlords. According to a new list issued by Public Advocate Letitia James, there are over 900 apartments on the worst of the worst list (although we suspect that number to actually be higher considering not everyone reports poor living conditions in fear of reprisals from their slumlords.

Most of the worst offending properties were located in the West Bronx (see link for full details or the list below)

News 12 The Bronx wrote:

“Public Advocate James released a list Monday of the city’s most notorious landlords, ranked by the number of violations accrued in their building.

There are over 900 apartments in the Bronx on the worst apartments watchlist.

According to the list, the worst buildings in the Bronx include 2075 Wallace Ave., 750 Grand Concourse, 20 West 190th St. and 875 Longwood Ave. 

“Landlords often hide behind this veil of secrecy, so we need to pierce the corporate veil,” said Public Advocate Letitia James. “We need to make sure we get the correct names of individuals who unfortunately are allowing seniors and children to live in horrendous conditions.”

One building in particular raked up more violations than any other building in the borough.  The building received 544 violations, predominately of the class-B variety, which can include poor lighting in public areas or failure to remove vermin.” Watch the video over at News12

The worst in The Bronx in order of most violations are: (Click see details for more information the each specific property)

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