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4 proposed new Metro North Stations in the East Bronx/Courtesy of The MTA
4 proposed new Metro North Stations in the East Bronx/Courtesy of The MTA

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Bronx Gentrification Leaves New Yorkers Up In Arms

It’s been almost a month since the new “Piano District” billboard went up and 3 weeks since the “gentrification” party took place but this is a story that won’t go away any time soon.

The Telegraph in the UK writes: “Developers’ plans to rename the South Bronx as “The Piano District” have been met with anger, demonstrations – and throwing of paint

Plans to rename and develop a waterfront area of the Bronx have been met with howls of protest by residents of one of New York’s poorest districts, who are furious at outsiders coming in and changing their community.” Via The Telegraph

Bronx Program Encourages Fathers to Talk About Sex

The New York Times writes about a program that encourages fathers to have healthy discussions about sex. Winnie Hu of The New York Times writes:

“By the time Victor M. Garcia talked to his father about sex, he himself was already a father of four sons.

It took that long to broach a taboo subject that neither one had dared to raise while Mr. Garcia was growing up in Honduras. Instead, Mr. Garcia, now 51 and a printing press worker in the Bronx, had to learn about sex from his friends.

“Now he’s talking to me about sex?” Mr. Garcia recalled thinking, after his father confided almost three years ago that he was impotent. “We come from a country where no one talks about it. We have to discover it ourselves.” Via The New York Times

It is symptomatic of America’s pastoral affinity and anti-urban bias that the popular children’s toy is called an ant farm, and adorned with images of windmills, barns and silos. You don’t need to be a professional ant researcher to see that the intricate design and engineering of ant civilization, to say nothing of the population density, is more evocative of a bustling metropolis. (Though I admit “Ant City” just doesn’t sound like something you’d want to welcome into your home.)” Via The New York Times

MTA board member wants to cut ticket prices for LIRR, Metro-North riders coming to NYC

Here’s something we’ve talked about in the past. In fact, we wrote about this very issue almost a year ago. The Bronx is set to get 4 new Metro North stations but it won’t do much good to many Bronxites if the MTA keeps the costs of riding into the city from within our borough. The Daily News writes:

“An MTA board member will press the transit agency on Monday to cut the commuter rail ticket prices for New Yorkers who want to travel around the city.

Allen Cappelli told the Daily News he’ll make the case at a Metropolitan Transportation Authority board meeting on Monday that the agency needs to study whether cheaper Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North tickets will help New Yorkers without subway access and poor bus service move around faster.

“We are one system,” Cappelli said. “It would also take additional strain off the subways.”

MTA officials have said the idea would put a dent on revenue, with the agency estimating a loss of $70 million in fares a year.

But Cappelli isn’t buying the cries of poverty yet”. – Via The New York Daily News

3 teachers diagnosed with tuberculosis at PS 112

First we had to worry about Legionnaires’ in The Bronx when we suffered the largest outbreak of the disease in New York City History. Now News 12 reports that 3 teachers have contracted tuberculosis at one school in The Bronx. News 12 reports:

Three teachers at P.S. 112 in Bronxwood have contracted tuberculosis, according to city officials.

The Department of Health and Department of Education are now working together to make sure that the disease doesn’t spread any further.

Officials say the three teachers have already been treated or are being treated right now. No one has died.

Authorities say they’ve notified parents, students and staff of the situation, and that they will be holding information sessions at the school soon and offering free testing on campus.

Health officials say people cannot contract the disease just by being near someone who has it or sharing food with them. They say tuberculosis usually spreads to your body when you’re around someone who is sick with the disease for a long period of time.

Officials say their next step is to investigate whether the disease was transmitted within the school. – Via News 12 The Bronx

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