First Fatality in 2nd Legionnaires Outbreak in The Bronx—Or Is It Still The Same Outbreak?


The 2nd outbreak of Legionnaires in The Bronx, which is centered in the East Bronx neighborhood of Morris Park has claimed its first victim as 13 are confirmed infected.

Although city officials claim that this isn’t related to New York City’s largest outbreak of Legionnaires in history that occurred this past summer in the South Bronx and claimed 13 lives and sickened hundreds, one has to wonder of that is truly the case.

Barely two weeks after New York City Department of Health Commissioner declared the outbreak to be over and insisting that our drinking water supply was safe, 4 NYCHA buildings at Melrose Houses in the outbreak zone were found to have their water supply systems contaminated as well as individuals who were treated for the deadly yet treatable disease.

This was after I asked the Commissioner at the first town hall meeting, “How can you insist that the water supply is safe without testing them?” after she had admitted that the city had not yet tested them.

Are these two separate incidents or still the same?


It is important to know that this is not a communicable disease transferred from person to person contact and equally important to know the symptoms and get treatment immediately as this is a very curable infection.

Symptoms include: fever, cough, chills, muscle aches, diarrhea, loss of appetite, confusion, fatigue, and headaches.

11 people are currently hospitalized and one individual has been discharged. How many more people must die or get sickened before the city admits incompetence? Why The Bronx?

According to WABC the following sites have been listed as having contaminated cooling towers, although we already know based on scientific evidence that they are not the sole source nor the source for majority of cases as per EPA, CDC, and other scientific research data.
–2725 East Tremont – Chase Bank
–1740 Eastchester Road – Calvary Hospital
–2964 East Tremont – Lehman High School
–1500 Waters Place – Bronx State Psychiatric
–1199 Sackett Ave – Einstein College
–1845 Eastchester Road – Einstein College
–1301 Morriss Park Ave – Einstein College
–1250 Morris Park Ave – Einstein College
–1865 Eastchester Road – Einstein College
–1925-1935 Eastchester Road – Einstein College

Yet another town hall meeting is planned for tomorrow, Thursday October 1st at Maestro’s at 8pm sharp located at 1703 Bronxdale Avenue.

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