Arts & Crafts Store, Michael’s, Reopens at Bronx Terminal Market Much To Local Residents’ Surprise


After a 4 year hiatus, Michael's arts and craft store reopens at The Bronx Terminal Market.
After a 4 year hiatus, Michael’s arts and craft store reopens at The Bronx Terminal Market.

Bronx Artists UNITE!

Back in 2009 when The Gateway Center Mall The Bronx The Bronx Terminal Market opened featuring The Bronx’s first and only popular arts and crafts store, Michael’s. Artists and crafts-makers alike rejoiced that they no longer had to trek outside of the Bronx to get their supplies.

Then in 2011 out of nowhere the store closed down and Burlington Coat Factory moved in next door as The Bronx Terminal Market restructured its failed indoor shopping wing.

Now it’s August 2015 and Michael’s is mysteriously back at the mall but residents don’t care about why, they are simply glad that they’re back in the neighborhood.

The short and simple, according to Michael’s store Manager Chris Reid, the store closed in 2011 amid slow sales but the department store continued to pay the rent on the space and decided that it was time, once again, to open up their first and only store in The Bronx.

Shoppers quickly took advantage of the store’s reopening.

Before 2009 and after 2011, Bronxites had to travel to 98th and Columbus Avenue on the Upper West Side of Manhattan or Pelham Manor just over The Bronx/Westchester Border to shop at Michael’s but now no more.

Cinnamon Willis aka Melan Dolly who creates these amazing dolls and is from the area and who first told Welcome2TheBronx that they were back, said, “So glad to see this store open again at the Bronx Terminal Market mall! No you can’t find ALL of your art supplies there but it’s a great start for those in the immediate area that don’t want to travel far for supplies! Welcome back to the South Bronx!”

Daniel Del Valle, a Bronx fine artist and illustrator summed up his excitement by simply stating, “Yay, the candy store is back!”

Willis also wants to remind shoppers of Michael’s great savings available by online coupons via their website which they’ll honor right from the convenience of your cell phone. “They range from 20%-60% and are on their website all the time and will honor them from your cell phone.” Willis reminded us.

Shoppers at the store were delighted as well.

Elizabeth Castro-Cortes, another artist from The Bronx was happy that she no longer had to schlep for her art supply for her children’s program and her friend Nayidah Watson also from Highbridge and a painter was equally happy. “FINALLY! FINALLY!”, exclaimed Castro-Cortes when we asked her that the store was open.

Now it’s up to our local artists and craft lovers in the area to support this store and make sure it stays open! If they don’t carry something that you need or may be at another store speak to management and they will be happy to help you to the best of their abilities.

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