Volunteers Needed For ‘Shut The Door!’ Day of Action


NYC needs you!

Did you know that it is illegal for a business in NYC to keep their front doors open while their air-conditioning is running? This is applicable to businesses 4,000 square feet and greater and applies to chain stores of 5 or more businesses.

New York City Department of Consumer Affairs is holding a day of action next week and volunteers and city employees will be canvassing business districts throughout the city to educate businesses on the law.

Besides against the law, it is a drain on our environment—and the businesses’ pockets by keeping the doors open!

Volunteers are needed for this coming Wednesday, July 22nd and in order to participate, please register ASAP as there is a 30 minute training class required and educational materials will be distributed.

For next week’s day of action, the target areas in The Bronx are as follows:

  • Belmont
  • Fordham Road
  • Kingsbridge

These areas were found to be where the most complaints came from which is why other areas were excluded along with limited resources.

This, however, should not be a reason why you can’t share this information with ANY business and help them out!

We have only one earth and we should be good stewards for future generations so let’s make sure we leave it better than we inherited it!

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Ed García Conde

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