CBKPerk Off To A Successful Launch This Morning!

CBKPerk is off to an excellent start!

CBKPerk, a collaboration between two small Bronx businesses—Morris Perk and Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen—was off to an excellent start this morning. Folks were already waiting by 6:15 just before the 6:30AM opening of the new coffee and breakfast service at Charlie’s.

The energy was buzzing and folks from all over The Bronx came out to support.

Sara Bonizio from Morris Park and Metro Optics said, “I have never had, and probably will never again have, that much fun on a Monday morning at 8am. Truly a phenomenal grand opening. This is bigger than coffee. It’s community at its finest.”

With CBKPerk, Charlie’s now offers service from early in the morning along with their recently launched lunch service to cap it all of with their signature dinner menu at the popular watering hole.

What’s really special about this is how two small businesses—one that currently is without a brick and mortar spot and another with a physical location—can help each other out.

From Mondays through Fridays starting at 6:30AM and ending at 9:30AM Morris Perk will be popping up offering their popular coffee blends, teas and tasty pastries. Eventually, as the time passes and more customer feedback is given (which is always appreciated) the breakfast menu will be expanded.

I guess this is as good a time as any to give a full disclosure that Morris Perk is run by my dear friend, Lovie Pignata and that the folks at Charlie’s are great folks who have done business with Welcome2TheBronx via Bronx Fashion Week as they were one of our sponsors for our show last month.

But I truly believe that doesn’t change how I feel about what happened today.

The Bronx came through in a show of support to make sure the inaugural day went well.

Baron Ambrosia, the culinary ambassador of The Bronx came through as did News12 The Bronx and BronxNet along with its executive director, Michael Max Knobbe, two individuals along with so many others that are always showing the world (and ourselves) how special and wonderful our borough is and more importantly, its people.

“It’s great to see Bronx entrepreneurs and the community aligning together around products from The Bronx offered in Bronx places. Where Mott Haven connects with Harlem at Charlie’s in The Bronx, you can now enjoy a morning Morris Perk brew.” said Knobbe.

Verde Flowers from across the street even dropped by for the morning shindig at CBKPerk.

To see so many Bronxites come out today as well as small Bronx businesses coming out to support another was a wonderful thing.

It is what our borough is truly about, not big box stores and sprawling malls filled with chain stores but the mom and pop establishments that truly support the local economy.

It is the tenacity of our people forged through the tough times and knowing that by building from within and supporting each other, we come out stronger.

That being said, make sure you stop by and say hi and enjoy a cup of amazing Morris Perk Coffee (the cold brew is amazing and is a process that reduces the acidity of the coffee by 70% so it’s perfect for those who have had to cut back on their cup-o-joe).

Also don’t forget that Charlie’s is open for lunch and of course dinner, happy hour and drinks!

Congratulations to these two establishments coming together.

CBKPerk is located at Charlie’s Bar & Kitchen at 112 Lincoln Avenue at the corner of Bruckner Boulevard inside the Clocktower Building.

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