East Meets West: Introducing CBK Perk!


Charlie’s Bar and Kitchen started offering lunch this week due to popular demand and now, starting in June, Morris Perk will be popping up at Charlies during weekdays for breakfast in what the two businesses are calling CBK Perk!

Charlie’s has been a very popular destination for dinner, drinks, brunch, and happy hour among locals and Bronxites from all corners of our borough and now folks working in the area (or not!) have another reason to go to Charlie’s and much earlier too.

But that’s not even the best part. The wonderful part is how two small Bronx businesses are coming together to support each other, and with that, will introduce each other’s followers to one another.

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Morris Perk has been popping up at local events and businesses across the borough for some time now establishing a loyal following, much like Charlie’s has in a brick and mortar setting.

CBK Perk will be providing a continental breakfast in the beginning along Morris Perk’s signature coffee blend, espresso drinks, juice of the day, and organic teas from Loose Leaf Tea Company.

Lovie Pignata, proprietor of Morris Perk said about CBK Perk, “To be a small business you have to be fluid and open to opportunities that  others might deem too ‘out of the box’. We were thrilled to be invited to operate within a popular existing restaurant like Charlie’s.”

“When I began Morris Perk, I thought I’d open my storefront and business would just flow.  Because of the delays with our primary location on Holland Avenue, I focused on working with community organizations and other small businesses.  It’s been rewarding and the feedback has been so helpful in developing a small business.” added Pignata.

Personally, I love both businesses and the folks who run them so I think this is gonna be wonderful to have another spot for breakfast in the neighborhood.


Both businesses support the local community and that kind of giving back to the our neighborhoods is what makes The Bronx special.

Lovie is excited to be working on this side of the Bronx River. “Over the last year, we have popped up in every corner of the Bronx and we look forward to working with Charlie’s Bar and Kitchen and being part of the Port Morris and Mott Haven community.” she told us over some of her coffee blend.

Can’t wait for June to get here! In the meantime, if you have any requests, feel free to let them know!

Lunch at Charlie's!  Image courtesy of Charlie's Bar and Kitchen
Lunch at Charlie’s! Image courtesy of Charlie’s Bar and Kitchen

Oh and don’t forget, they’re now open for lunch Mon-Fri from 11:30AM – 3PM!

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