Featured photo credit: Kim Snyder / Flickr
Featured photo credit: Kim Snyder / Flickr

The United Auto Merchant Association is holding a volunteer orientation meeting tomorrow, Saturday February 21st, at 12PM in order to mobilize auto merchants in the proposed Jerome Avenue Study / Rezoning Area.

Auto merchants represent the single largest industry who will be impacted by any rezoning in the area and the UAMA is making sure that their voices, as stakeholders in the community, are heard.

If you’re interested in volunteer in this effort, or have any questions, please call 631-380-8262 or email Manuel Rodriguez at mannyz75@gmail.com and they will be able to assist you further.

Once again, it’s important the community comes together and makes sure that they decide what’s best for where they live in.

The orientation will be held at 1332 Commerce Avenue (Next to the Department of Motor Vehicles).

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