This article in the Daily News clearly shows what a tale of two cities we are.  Manhattan and Riverdale residents, along with elected officials are battling LG’s plan to build a 100+ foot tower in the Palisades that will tarnish the pristine views along the Hudson.  Meanwhile in the South Bronx, residents are battling against the State of New York and FreshDirect, demanding that they deserve better than a 21 year old environmental impact statement which the company is relying on to move into the neighborhood.

Don’t get me wrong – Riverdale’s views are beautiful and are worthy of fighting for but what about something that actually impacts the quality of life and health of thousands of South Bronx residents?  Where are all these politicians crying foul for us in our very own state and not something across the river and in New Jersey?

We should be getting as much support in the South Bronx as we are in Riverdale if not even more because we are talking about people’s lives at stake here. We should be united as a borough against environmental injustice being done in our own backyard.

What do you think?

Bronx elected officials take LG fight to the courtroom in attempt to protect The Palisades – NY Daily News.

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