¡Lucha Libre! Bronx Wrestlers Punch, Body-Slam for Glory At The Bronx Wrestling Federation

The BWF is one of dozens of independent wrestling federations, known as 'indies,' across the country. They earn little or no money in the indie matches, which are held in the likes of community centers and billiard halls. Here, Mr. Segundo prepares for a match. Peter J. Smith for The Wall Street Journal

From The Wall Street Journal:

On the second floor of a warehouse in the Bronx’s Soundview neighborhood, men in costumes head-butt, clothes-line, and body-slam each other to the roars and jeers of more than 100 fans.

By day, the men are construction workers and restaurant managers—but by night, they turn into the Caveman and the Big Heavy, all taking part in the monthly spectacle organized by the Bronx Wrestling Federation, or BWF.

Most of the BWF’s performers have full-time jobs and families. They also had childhood dreams of becoming wrestlers that they’re finally fulfilling.

The goal was so strong for Frank Segundo, who grew up in the Dominican Republic, that he founded the BWF in 2010.

When the thick-armed Mr. Segundo steps into the ring, he becomes Bronco Internacional. [Read more and check out the slide show!]

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