Bronx News Morning Roundup

Here are just some of the stories on the Bronx that are circulating today:

Residents at 755 Jackson Avenue are upset that much needed urgent repairs haven’t been made in their building. The building, which was taken over by private equity firm Stabilis Capital Management, is on the city’s Worst Landlord Watchlist. [Read More: Mott Haven Herald]

Meanwhile, the folks over at Crain’s wrote a piece on the increase of life expectancy in the 5 boroughs comparing statistics from 1985 to 2010. In 25 years, life expectancy for males in the Bronx soared dramatically by 10 years. Females also saw big gains as well in the Bronx. Overall, we’re still behind the rest of the city but the gap is greatest between the richest (Manhattan) and the poorest (The Bronx). It is sobering to note that even though there is great income inequality between the two, the life expectancy disparity isn’t anywhere near other places in the country where there’s a tale of two cities. [Crain’s New York]

Pictured is one of Hauben's works that is on display at Bronx Community College. Photo by Patrick Rocchio./Bronx Times

The Norwood News provides us with an in depth look at artist Daniel Hauben, who’s paintings are quickly recognizable to many Bronxites. [Viewing The Bronx From The Eyes of Daniel Hauben / Norwood News]

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