A screen shot from the video. (Photo: Screenshot: YouTube/Blabbeando)

The only negative topic you’ll hear on Welcome2TheBronx is politics because we still have a long way to go in the Bronx when it comes to our elected officials.

Here’s a rather horrifying tale from Politicker (who referenced a Welcome2TheBronx article) with video evidence of Assemblyman José Rivera from the Bronx talking about “getting laid with young girls”.

You have to see it and read it to believe it.

From Politicker:

Assemblyman José Rivera said he did not mean to offend anyone with a bizarre video that appears to show the Bronx lawmaker discussing the sexual benefits of “mamajuana” and ogling young women in the Dominican Republic.

“Assemblyman Jose Rivera did not mean to offend anyone, if anyone was offended by the video,” his chief of staff, Jasmin Clavasquin, told Politicker this morning.

The video appears to have been originally posted on the assemblyman’s active YouTube account, where it was spotted by NY1 political commentator Gerson Borrero. “I think this video of Jose Rivera in the DR can get some folks in trouble,” he wrote on Twitter Sunday, linking to the video, which was subsequently deleted from the assemblyman’s page. Mr. Rivera is well-known for his films.

But Andrés Duque, who works at a nonprofit and blogs about Latino and LGBT issues, said he noticed the tweet and quickly downloaded the video. He soon re-posted an edited version that includes English subtitles of the Spanish speech.

The version he posted contains three sections.

In the first, Mr. Rivera, wearing a blue “The Bronx” hat, is shown strolling down the street, chatting with strangers and “enjoying all the beautiful things this country has to offer,” according to Mr. Duque’s translation, which was verified by two Spanish speakers at the Observer.

“Do you happen to have a little sister?” he asks one woman, who replies in the negative. “Ah, well, that’s my bad luck!”

He then approaches a vendor to discuss “mamajuana”–a traditional alcoholic beverage made with rum, red wine, twigs and bark that is a rumored aphrodisiac. The vendor explains the drink is made with different roots:

RIVERA: From different roots which leaves me feeling…
RIVERA: Strong enough to get laid with all those young ones. (Said as he points off-screen.)
VENDOR: A child! A little girl! (He laughs.)

Read the entire story in Politicker:

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