Bronx Democratic Party Is Making A Huge Mistake In Not Endorsing Melissa Mark-Viverito As Next Speaker

Melissa Mark-Viverito is by far the best candidate for speaker. She’s not perfect, no one is, but a lot of articles being published about her are ridiculous. It’s a witch-hunt.

Is New York City so terrified that a Puerto Rican born woman, a latina, a progressive not on paper but in action is about to be the most powerful politician after Bill de Blasio? Do we really need stupid articles from the Post (wait, that’s redundant, the Post is synonymous with stupidity) about her opponent in the last election suing her for allegedly using santería as black magic, in the form of a mural, against her so she could lose?

Did the Daily News really publish a baseless article trashing her for getting a tax credit she more than qualified for, 16 years ago? Did they go on to talk about her small percentage of ownership she eventually purchased in Puerto Rico as her fortunes grew through her hard work as if that were a bad thing?

The ONLY article of substance and balance written so far has come from the NYTIMES (that shouldn’t be surprising) where they spoke about a sore point with the community 7 years ago in a rezoning issue. It gave the good and the bad. Definitely worth a read.

The Bronx Democratic Party is making a huge mistake by not supporting her candidacy as the #nextspeaker but it shouldn’t be a surprise. Why would they ever want someone who’s not in their pocket and won’t play dirty ball with the Arroyos, Diaz’s and crew?

Ruben Diaz Jr strongly supported her reelection but isn’t supporting her for speaker? It goes to show you how scared they are of her independence.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr endorsed Mark-Viverito's reelection but won't support her candidacy for speaker?

Congratulations to Senator Serrano, Congressman Serrano and former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer for breaking ranks with the machine. Your actions speak loudly to those of us who are listening and who know very well that the Bronx Democratic Party is broken, and keeping us from ever truly progressing and forging ahead.

Welcome2TheBronx endorses Melissa Mark-Viverito as the next Council Speaker.

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Ed García Conde

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