RIP Banksy: Latest Bronx Banksy Piece Painted Over

Bye, bye Banksy. Image credit: William Casari.

Banksy’s penultimate NYC piece in the Bronx by Yankee Stadium is no more.

It only lasted a few days before someone painted over it.

The Bronx can be really harsh against outsiders who just waltz right in and tag up walls in the borough where graf went world wide.

Local resident William Casari, who sent the above image, said, “What a waste; another loss for the Bronx…”.

Although it is a shame that it was painted over, such is the life of graf. Here today, gone tomorrow. Funny thing is that had it  been a Tats Cru or any other of our world renowned graf artists, it would still be there untouched for years to come.

Personally, I’m more upset about the loss of the wall below which was demolished to make way for a new development in Melrose.

Old Mural once in Melrose was demolished to make way for a new development.

Oh and for all the Banksy lovers, please do visit the Bronx Art Exchange to read Jeffrey Guard’s review of the top ten most interesting Banksy works from October.


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