Banksy Strikes In The Bronx Again This Time Across From Yankee Stadium


It seems Banksy couldn’t resist the lure of the Bronx and came back to throw up on a wall across from Yankee Stadium this time a big cat (a cheetah?) with what appears to be tags adorning its body.

The latest piece is called “The Bronx Zoo (At Yankee Stadium) and I’m sure will be nowhere nearly as controversial as last week’s piece in Melrose.

Since you’ll be racing to the area, don’t forget to check out the very nearby Andrew Freedman Home for their latest exhibit,” Outside the Box”.

Screen capture from BAXNYC

Jeffrey Guard, founder of Bronx Art Exchange has this to say about the exhibition:

“Outside the Box” is  filled with a fresh-frenetic-aggressive-Instagram sickness that no doubt will attract “cool hunters” from brands like Stüssy, Vans, and retailers like Urban Outfitters and Brooklyn Industries eager to hire these artists to design their showrooms for next season. 

Lady K Fever has successfully captured the pulse of the street art scene that has come to capture the current art movement that is happening in the South Bronx. The exhibit was filled with far more youth than I have seen in a very long time (at any art opening) and is indicative of the fact that street art has already connected to the next generation in a way that I have not seen other art forms accomplish.

(read the rest at the Bronx Art Exchange.)

But hurry because the exhibit closes tomorrow, November 1st! Doors are open from Noon to 5pm.

Once you’re done there, you can do this tour in reverse and end up at the “Ghetto 4 Life” piece on East 153rd and Elton Avenue and in the process, soaking up more of what we’ve been doing and offering for decades.

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