Aldi Food Market Opens In Melrose Bringing With It Deep Savings For Local Residents


This past Monday the German based international food market, Aldi, opened its fifth New York City store (and second Bronx location) in Melrose on 3rd Avenue in the former space occupied by Staples between 154th and 155th Streets.

Aldi promises deep discounts by simply switching to their own brands vs the costlier label of national brands and after looking at their prices it seems like local supermarkets are in for some serious competition.

I took their challenge and was easily won over as the quality of their products down to the ingredients are equal to if not better than the national brands on most occasions which shouldn’t be too much of a surprise considering that Trader Joe’s is owned by them.

To give you an idea of what you can expect to save, I compared the prices to the nearest Pioneer Supermarket just 3 blocks away and below is what I found.

Gallon of milk
Pioneer: $3.59
Aldi: $2.89

Silk Almond Milk
Pioneer: $3.99
Aldi ‘s brand: $2.49

64 Oz Florida’s Natural Orange Juice
Pioneer: $3.99
Aldi’s Brand: $2.29

Kelloggs Cornflakes 12oz
Pioneer: $4.19
Aldi’s Brand: $1.49 for 1.125lbs

Cheerios 15oz Box
Pioneer: $4.99
Aldi’s Brand: $1.69 (yes you read that correctly and I tried them with the almond milk and the taste was better.)

Apples (all varieties)
Pioneer: $1.79/lb
Aldi: $1.79 for a 3lb bag.

The above list is simply a fraction of what you’ll save by shopping at Aldi as they do carry hundreds of other common everyday items. Although

Although their produce selection is very limited, I am happy to say that the quality is definitely good with some organic choices to be had. A family easily get double to triple the amount of fruits and vegetables than they can at their local supermarkets.

You’re not going to necessarily find every single item (or rather the equivalent) you typically purchase at other stores but if you’re looking to save major bucks then you won’t mind coming in for what you CAN get at Aldi.

Don’t forget to bring your own bags as they do charge 11¢ per bag as part of how they are able to offer such great deals on their items.

Let us know your thoughts on Aldi, we’d really like to know! Are you a regular Aldi shopper at other locations? Let our local residents know your favorite items!

Oh and if you’re looking for employment, they’re having a hiring event this Friday from 9am until 2pm. Cashiers start at over $12/hour and store managers can make up to $80k / year.

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