Massive Liquor Store Going Up On 149th Street


For several days I’ve been walking by this building under construction and wondering what it was going to be since it’s architecturally pleasing to the eye. It looked like perhaps a club or a bar of sorts but alas my hopes were dashed.

Today I ran into the construction workers and they informed me that it will all be one giant liquor store right there in 149th Street between Morris and Courtlandt Avenues.

Even they were baffled at the sheer size of the edifice.

Judging by the exterior and size I’m assuming that it will be the first liquor store in the neighborhood without the bulletproof plexiglass which makes even Fort Knox envious.

Well we’ll see once they open up but for now – and probably for the foreseeable future – I’ll continue shopping at Melrose Liquors on Melrose Avenue between 152nd and 153rd. Why? Because the owner lives right in the neighborhood and it’s important that we support our own residents whenever possible.


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Ed García Conde

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