Garifuna Musical & Dance Ensemble Performance At Pregones 34th Anniversary Block Party


This past Sunday, Pregones held it’s annual block party as the theater celebrated its 34th anniversary. Legendary poets performed, and then there were was the Garifuna band along with dancers entertaining the crowd.

The Garifuna people are an ethnic group of mixed ancestry of Carib, Arawak, and African people and hail from the countries of Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras. The Bronx and the rest of the New York City area is home to the largest Garifuna diaspora outside of Central America.

They closed the wonderful performance by getting folks off their seats and inviting them up front to dance!

It was quite the show and I was able to capture it so check out the videos below!



Garifuna group’s opening act:

We were then treated to this lively number:

This song is called Pachamama which is mother earth or mother world. The singer wrote this song in honor of the earth.

Finally the performance ends with Bronxites getting up and dancing!

Buídu lámuga básugurani ugúyen lábu súwan dán!

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