Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo Sued For Election Fraud; Stanley Schlein to the Rescue

One of the most corrupt politicians in the Bronx, Maria del Carmen Arroyo, has been served with a lawsuit for allegedly  forging thousands of petition signatures including that of celebrities such as supermodel Kate Moss and baseball star Derek Jeter of the Yankees. (Read the FULL STORY from the Daily News here)

Our readers already know that I’ve been keeping a close eye on Bronx politicians and Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo in particular in order to better inform our readership. This latest scandal is but one of many to taint the Arroyo crime family political dynasty.

Many readers of Welcome2TheBronx have often asked why are these corrupt pols still in office. Some have even blamed Bronxites for voting them in and keeping on doing so after their shady dealings are revealed.

But that’s not actually the full story.

Enter Stanley Schlein, Esquire (often referred to as Stanley Slime), the attorney of choice of incumbents and the Bronx political machine and perhaps the most corrupt of them all.

When politicians in the Bronx are caught in some sort of scandal, or their thrones are being threatened because the people want to vote them out, they run to Papa Schlein for defense. He’s represented the Arroyos, the indicted Espada to name just a few.

Just google Stanley Schlein and all you read are scandals after scandals, corrupt dealings, and protecting the very power structure he has helped to put into place in the Bronx.

Infographic created and compiled by Morning Glory Garden in Mott Haven.

Many refer to him as a judge picker and it has been said that, “He is so revered in the courthouses on 161st Street that when he walks into court, the judges stand up for him—instead of the other way around. He earned this love and respect by being the leading point man for the Bronx Democratic organization, which picks most of the borough’s jurists.”

Now he’s representing Maria del Carmen Arroyo – again – and we’ll see how he’s going to defend the blatant forgeries and fraud in her petitions for the September Democratic Primaries. The problem is that Schlein wrote some of the very laws which govern the Board of Elections so he’ll be like a fox loose in a hen house.

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